About Me

Hi, I’m Lily – a self-confessed crazy cat lady. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I didn’t grow up liking cats. I was always a dog person.

Instead, I learnt to appreciate feline friends and love their ways as an adult.

And I soon discovered that I preferred keeping cats to dogs. They suited my lifestyle much better.

And, having my own cats, I soon learnt that they are far more loveable than people give them credit for.

One cat turned into two, two turned into three, and three turned into four.

I’m now a proud cat mum to Rusty (ginger male – age 14), Pickles (grey male – age 10), Rosa (female tuxedo – age 10) and Ruby (female tabby – age 8).

I’m sure you’ll meet them on the blog at some point.

Fun fact: when I was a teenager, I worked in a pet shop. So I naturally picked up a lot of knowledge about cat nutrition, behaviour and care while working there.

But the training in the pet shop was nothing compared to keeping my own cats and learning about them as they grew.

Living will kitties has taught me an awful lot about their quirks, behaviour and health needs, so I wanted to share my experiences and some key information with other cat lovers.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and – more importantly – squee over the super cute pictures!

If you’d like to be a chatty catty, get in touch.

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