Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden? 6 Reasons

Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden

Some cats are very affectionate and make this very obviously known, but others show their love differently.

Regardless, most cats value the presence of their human parents a lot (even if it’s only because you feed them!)

But what happens when a cat stops showing all kinds of loving gestures toward the owners?

And why has your cat suddenly started to ignore you?

I’ve definitely been there with my cats a few times, and it makes me feel awful.

So, in this article, I’ll help you to understand what you’ve done to offend your feline friend and why you are being ignored.

Reasons Your Cat May Be Ignoring You

You Left Your Cat Alone

Although cats want you to respect their private space, they will still show their disapproval if you aren’t there to shower them with love when they want you to.

I’ve received the cold shoulder after a long day at work or when I’ve been away on holiday.

Try to understand why your cat is behaving this way. And if it’s because you’ve been away longer than they expected, take comfort in the fact that they’ve missed you.

Now, go and adore them and win them over again! Take it from me, treats will help!

It’s worth remembering that some cats can get lonely too. Especially if they’ve always been used to company.

If this is the case, it can be worthwhile having more than one cat, or even another pet that your cat can get along with to keep them company.

This can be particularly helpful if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Apart from that, try spending quality time with your feline every day so that you have a strong bond together and your kitty doesn’t feel they need to ignore you.

There’s A New Addition In Your Household

There is no denying the fact that cats are big sulkers.

If you introduce a new pet, or even a human baby into the house for that matter, don’t be surprised to find that your kitty is disgruntled.

How dare you bring someone new into the house without consulting them first!

Give your kitty some time and space so they can adjust to the household changes and they should come around.

Remember, if you are introducing new pets into the house, it’s important to introduce the newbie to your existing cat/s slowly and, where possible, in a neutral spot in the house.

Don’t force them together – allow them to become acquainted in their own time.

If you’ve introduced another cat, always make sure there are enough food and water bowls, litter trays and toys around to prevent them fighting over resources.

Your Cat Is Unwell

A friendly cat who is suddenly ignoring you can be a sign of underlying sickness or health concerns.

Just like us, if a cat isn’t feeling well, it will want some space and some peace and quiet.

Cats do tend to hide pain and discomfort fairly well, so if your usually happy and friendly cat is suddenly ignoring you, and there’s no other obvious reason why, it might be time to talk to your vet.

If there are other changes in your cat’s behaviour, such as going to the toilet where it shouldn’t, or changes to its appetite, it’s important to tell the vet this.

You’ve Changed Their Routine

Cats are creatures of habit – they respond well to a solid routine. They like to know what to expect and when.

When we change our routine and it affects our kitty, this can annoy them. Your furry friend may show displeasure by distancing themselves from you.

You may expect the same treatment if you suddenly change your cat’s routine.

Or even if you move things around the house and they are not where the cat is used to finding them.

Therefore, a piece of good advice is that you shouldn’t modify routine tasks too much.

If you do need to make changes around the house, to your routine, or to your cat’s routine, try to do it slowly, and give your kitty time to adjust.

Your Cat Is Old

Just like humans, some cats can become cranky as they get older.

Older felines may detach themselves more from everyone in the household if they prefer being alone.

If you notice they just prefer some quiet time, don’t worry too much, and respect their decision.

But, as mentioned earlier, if the change is sudden, consider that it may be as a result of a health problem and seek advice from your vet.

Mood Swings

You heard me right! Even cats get moody and grumpy – and they can be worse than human teenagers – but most cat owners will be aware of this.

If your cat gets upset over something, even if this wasn’t your fault, they may well take it out on you by ignoring you.

If you think about it, we do the exact same. If we are upset, we often take it out on our nearest and dearest and may ignore them for a while or until our mood has blown over.

One of my cats is particular sassy and it’s not unheard of for her to ignore me if I’ve moved her from where I was going to sit or lay, or if I’ve had the nerve to offer her a treat she doesn’t like the smell of.

She gets very annoyed, gives me evils and then the cold shoulder, if I spray deodrant or use my hair dryer!

Try to understand what has upset your cat and, if possible, remove the irritant.

Most importantly though, just give your cat some time and space, and they’ll come around.

How To Win Your Cat Over Again

Here are some ideas for what to do if your cat is suddenly ignoring you, as well as some advice on how to win back their favour:

• Always respect your cat’s privacy and allow it to unwind itself. Your cat will eventually come back to you because it loves you unconditionally (honestly).
• Keep your voice in a gentle tone when you are around your feline so that if it is scared or unwell, you can console it without scaring them away.
• Feed the cats their favourite food or treats – this is one sure-fire way to win them back.
• Try to engage your cat in some playtime. If they’re particular annoyed, it may take some time before they feel like doing this though.
• Avoid forceful grabbing or unwanted interactions as it will only push your cat further away from you, making it more rebellious.

Final Thoughts

Cats love their owners but they appreciate their personal space.

And, just like us, sometimes cats get wound up about things and prefer to be alone.

If your cat is ignoring you, it’s important to try and understand why. In most cases, it’s probably because you’ve been away for some time, or because they’re annoyed about something.

But, it’s vital you understand what is normal behaviour for your feline, so that you can spot something unusual and seek help.

Why Does My Cat Raise His Bum When I Pet Him?

If you have a cat whom you love and cuddle, you must have encountered a very specific and unusual behaviour.

Every time you pet or scratch your cat’s back, does he or she raise their bum? I know I have one cat in particular who is a prolific bum-raiser!

Well, interestingly, cats respond to petting or scratching by elevating their bum for the simple fact that you have hit the right spot.

Did you know that this loving behaviour is called “elevator butt.”

You may not find every cat responding to petting like that because not all the cats like being scratched along the spine or at the tail.

However, if your cat repeats this behaviour when your pet them, you should know all the possible reasons.

Plus, it’s important to understand your cat’s behaviour, as this can strengthen your relationship.

So, Why Do Cats Raise Their Bum When Scratched?

Cats like it when you pet them along the spine and at the tail.

In response, they instinctively raise their bums. It may be a sign of approval that you should continue petting.

Your Cat Trusts You

Cats don’t get comfortable with everyone. They have a very small list of people they feel comfortable with.

If your cat lifts its back and rears when you pet it, it is a sign of approval.

As mentioned, cats raise their bum to show that they trust you and would appreciate you continuing to love and fuss them.

A cat that doesn’t trust you is very unlikely to let you pet them so intimately, let alone raise their cute little bum for you!

Your Cat Likes The Spot You Are Petting

Despite popular opinion, cats do actually love to cuddle. They love the sensation of being fussed by their nearest and dearest.

But just like dogs, or any other animals for that matter, they will have their favourite spots for petting.

The spine and base of the tail is a popular petting spot for most kitties.

So, when you pet your cat, they might raise their back to tell you that you have hit the right spot.

Raising the spine can also help them get a better sensation on their nerves as you scratch them.

By raising their bum, they are encouraging you to repeat the same again and again. And you’re sure to get a headbutt if you stop!

While it is true that most cats like being petted in this way, some cats don’t like being petted in this area.

If your cat pulls away or hisses, don’t be discouraged. Instead, you should find some other area where they like to be petted such as on the ears or under the chin.

Your Female Cat Is In Heat

If you have a female cat who is not spayed, she might be elevating her bum to for a very different reason.

A female kitty might elevate her butt if she is in heat as elevating the bum means inviting male cats for mating.

Elevating the bum is the most obvious sign to confirm that the cat is in heat.

Please remember the importance of spaying and neutering your cats. There are a lot of unwanted kittens in the world, so neutering your pets can help to prevent more abandoned kitties.

Neutering can also help to prevent health issues later in life.

If you do want your female cat to have a litter, be sure to speak to your vet first.

Your Cat Learned This Behaviour As A Kitten

Did you know that your cat may have actually retained this bum-raising behaviour from kittenhood?

Mother cats lick and groom their litter as the little ones are unable to do so for themselves.

When the mother cat licks the back and rears, the kittens raise their bums and tails to help the mother clean the area.

When cats leave their mother, we become their new fur-mums and dads. And although your cat isn’t expecting you to clean their bum, they have retained this behaviour from their previous parental relationship.

Your Cat Wants You To Help Scratch An Itch

The back and rear are difficult places to reach – especially for older cats or those with mobility issues.

While they may rub their body against you or the wall to help relieve an itch, they will be grateful of a good scratch in the area.

If you happen to rub the back or rear, it may be both relaxing and relieving.

Cats will express their approval and elevate their bum to encourage you to keep petting or rubbing.

Just like us, a gentle massage will make your kitty feel good.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Me Petting Their Back?

Petting a cat on the back, rear, or near the tail base is soothing for most felines, but, as mentioned, not all will be a fan. Let’s look at why this might be the case:

Your Cat Is Unsure

If you’ve only just got your cat, you may still be bonding. And, as such, your cat may feel too vulnerable to allow you to scratch their back and rear.

That’s totally fine – you can pet them in other areas where they are more comfortable while you earn their trust.

Not all cats have the best start in life, so some cats may be reluctant to allow you pet them in certain places, or at all, if they have been abused or neglected.

Take it slow with your kitty and show them they can trust you. Don’t push them to do something they’re uncomfortable with.

After your anxious cat lets you pet them, why not reward them with a treat?

You’re Being Too Rough

Cats are very sensitive, and the back and rear areas are full of nerve endings.

If you’re petting or tickling too hard, your cat may find it difficult and may become irritated.

Therefore, if your cat refuses to be petted there, you should respect that.

Your Cat Is In Pain

If your cat normally likes being petted on the back or rear, but all of a sudden, becomes irritated, it’s important to find out why.

Can you see any cuts or lesions in the area that might be causing your kitty some distress? Do they have any flea bites?

If there’s nothing obvious to the eye, it could be that your cat has suffered an injury or is experiencing arthritis.

In either case, it’s important to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible for expert advice and treatment.

Final Thoughts

Cats are very particular about what they like and don’t like.

Many cats, but not all, love being petted along the spine and at the base of their tail and will response by lifting their bum in the air to show you how much they are enjoying themselves.

But remember, some cats won’t enjoy this at all – and this can be for a variety of reasons. I’m sure your cat will appreciate being scratched in a different area instead.

What Does It Mean When Cats Touch Noses?

Have you ever seen two cats rubbing their noses? You may be wondering what it means when they touch noses.

Well, cats are master communicators who do everything deliberately. Some of their actions are pretty fascinating to watch.

Most of your kitty’s actions act as methods of purposeful communication. Many people only think of “meow” when it comes to cat communication.

But that’s not just it. Cats have various ways of communicating, and most of them are non-verbal, like touching the nose.

Cats carry out non-verbal communication because they belong to the family of solitary predators. That is, to stay, they need to lie low; otherwise, their cover will be blown, and they will end up missing their target.

They try to be as sneaky and quiet as possible, so they successfully ambush their prey.

Cats touch noses when they are expressing some sort of information. What is the reason behind that? Let’s find out.

The Role of Pheromones

Cats communicate non-verbally through scent. Through pheromones, they express their mating preference, territorial aggression, age, sex, and social hierarchy.

Pheromones are chemical signals that cats send to each other. These signals are released from pheromone glands in different body parts such as in the cheeks, forehead, chin, lower ear, tail, paw pads, and rear back.

Cats use pheromone signals to claim their domain by rubbing their cheeks on the items they want to protect.

As the face area releases pheromones, it is easier for the cat to claim its ownership of anything by rubbing its face on it. This is the reason cats touch noses to smell each other.

Top 3 Reasons why Cats Touch Noses

Cats are interesting creatures. And cat lovers often question their behaviour, such as why their kitties touch noses.

Here are the top 3 reasons behind of cat’s nose touching.

A Sign of Greeting

The most common reason that cats touch noses is because they are greeting each other. Nose touching is like their handshaking.

Cats can smell each other’s pheromones when they greet like this. It adds to their familiarity. If there is no sign of aggressiveness, then cats are greeting, so don’t disturb them and let the greeting happen.

Cats learn this behaviour from the time they are little kittens. Mother cats touch their nose with their blind and deaf kittens for recognition.

So they grow up doing the same when they greet. But this is only limited to familiar faces.

They Are Giving A Warning

If the cat is touching noses with any outsider cat, it is because of violent behaviour in response to the territorial aggression.

Pheromones are also a way to communicate dominance and establish a social hierarchy. Cats do this when any of them invades others’ territory.

Cats have a strong urge to display territorial behaviour and are likely to do anything to keep invading cats out of their territory. They touch noses to warn the other cats to maintain the peace.

They Want To Know Others’ Whereabouts

Cats sometimes touch noses not to greet but to know where the other cat is coming from. The cat will do this to the other cats that are familiar to them.

When a cat is out and about, it rubs its pheromones on different things and these items also leave a scent on the kitty.

Other cats can smell this scent and know where it has been. Cats touch the noses because they are curious what the other cat has been up to.

I often see this behaviour with my cats if one of them returns from a trip to the vets, or if one of them has gone adventuring outside, and the others haven’t.

What Does It Mean When Cats Touch Noses With You?

It’s not only other cats that your cat will touch noses with, you kitty may also boop you on the snoot.

Want to know what it means when a cat touches noses with you?

Well, cats like to rub their faces and butt their heads against you. You might think of it as a normal, mischievous behaviour displayed by your furry friend to get your attention, but it is more than that.

Your cat is touching its nose to express its love for you. A touching nose is like a conduit of fondness for cats.

Therefore, when your cat touches noses with you, it’s simply saying hello and showing you how much it loves you. Because, yes, contrary to popular belief, cats can and do love us.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Touches Its Nose On My Hand?

Some cats try to rub their nose on your hand instead of your face and nose. This is because they are scared to make a direct interaction.

They want to keep it slow and check you out by touching your hands first. They think of your hand as a substitute for the nose and try to understand your scent this way.

Once the cat is comfortable, it will soon be touching your nose and cheeks instead of your hands.

They love to greet and mix their scents with you by touching noses. This is also a way to get familiar with a new cat.

Hold your finger a few inches away from the cat. If it comes to sniffing your finger, the cat is trying to be comfortable with you.

What Do Cats Think of Us?

In the world of cats, big creatures similar to our size can be a sign of danger. But cats aren’t afraid of you. They know you won’t hurt them because of their experience with you.

However, since the friendliness doesn’t match with the size criteria a cat has generally set, it makes them think about how to deal with you.

And they will use various behavioural methods to figure you out and communicate with you.

According to experts, the interesting fact about cats is that their brains visualize humans in proportion to cats. Yes! Your cat is perceiving you as a fellow cat and thus reacting according to that.

Your cat treats you the same way as it would to other family members. That is by touching noses and butting heads against each other to smell pheromones.

Cats might perceive you as a weird being, but they love you. You are the oddest cat they have ever come across, but you are loveable and you feed them!


Cats touch their noses only with those who they trust. It can be other felines, humans, or even other pets in the home.

Cats release pheromones when they rub their face against anything. This is to claim their ownership and keep the other cats away.

They also touch their noses to greet other cats and know where they have been. It is a natural behaviour that cats learn soon after birth.

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