What Happens If You Stare At Your Cat?

While you may be tempted to think that staring at a cat will lead to the kitty stealing your soul (as well as your heart!) this isn’t strictly true.

However, staring into a cat’s eyes for prolonged periods of time isn’t necessarily a good idea. Why? Well, we’ll explore what happens if you start at a cat, and why cats stare, further in this article.

Is It Okay to Stare at a Cat?

The idea that you should never look into a cat’s eye is somewhat confusing. Staring into those big, beautiful eyes is hard to resist, am I right? But did you know that staring into a cat’s eyes for too long can be viewed as hostility or that you are challenging them? Staring at a cat can really upset it and, in extreme circumstances, may result in the feline attacking.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me Without Blinking?

If your cat stares at you for too long, it could be because they are trying to get your attention and communicate their needs – there is a language barrier between the two of you after all. My cats know I’m not a threat, so they will often stare at me when they want food, for example, just to make sure I get the hint!

It’s worth remembering that we have to blink our eyes to keep them moist and clean. But cats have a different system of keeping their eyes fluid-filled, and this is called a tear film. This doesn’t require as much maintenance from blinking or closing the eyes to rub the eyelids like human eyes do. As the third eyelid in cats provides this function, narrowing and shutting the eyes is not necessary for them.

The first thing that most of the owners will feel in the morning is the strange sensation of being watched … by their kitty … who isn’t blinking. And this is probably because your cat is waiting for you to get up and feed and play with them.

Cats Kiss By Blinking

If your cat is staring at you, it might be because they love you and want to give you a “cat kiss.”

If a feline keeps its eyes open but blinks slowly when you stare at them, it means they are giving you a cat kiss. How cute is this? Try blinking back at your cat slowly to show them affection in return, and wait for them to respond. I do this with my kitties all the time and it builds a lovely bond.

However, if there’s no blinking whatsoever, then don’t look back as, as we mentioned, it could seem like aggression.

There are some other reasons why a cat may stare at you. Let’s take a look:

Out of Curiosity

Cats are inquisitive (read: nosy) creatures. Remember, curiosity killed the cat. Cats are always alert, and they’re always watching. As predators, with keen eyesight, it’s important for them to know what is going on at all times. This applies in the home, just as it does in the wild.

Suppose you are going towards the kitchen to make some food? Without telling your cat! (How dare you!). Well, your cat wants to know what’s on the menu and whether there are any tasty morsels for them.

The more aware a cat is, the better they are likely to fare.

When They Are Scared

When a kitty is fearful, they may stare at you firmly without blinking while they weigh up the threat. This is most common if the cat is unfamiliar with you or the situation it is in.

If your cat is staring at you and seems fearful, it’s important to try and understand the context. Your pet could be looking for comfort and safety from you, or perhaps you’ve made a noise or a movement to frighten your cat.

Mostly when a cat is scared, it will run and hide to protect itself from harm, but understanding a cat’s eye contact is very valuable in knowing what’s wrong.

Final Thoughts: What Happens If You Stare At Your Cat?

Staring at a cat, especially a cat you don’t know, is rarely a good idea. If your cat is staring at you, try and understand why. Do they need something? Are they frightened? And remember, if your cat stares at you and blinks, they’re blowing you kitty kisses, so blow them back to build a lovely bond.

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